Solutions 2021

Securitas is a market-leader in the security industry. To meet the future requirements of our clients and to stay ahead of our competition we have to think differently. We have to offer joined-up, customer-focused solutions that combine our protective services with digitalized value-added security services. A combination of protective services with enabling technology under a recurring offering, is what we refer to as Solutions.

Guarding meets technology

Our Solutions business is all about evolving our traditional business mix towards higher margin solutions.

We do this by combining our six protective services into customer specific solutions addressing their unique security and safety needs.

A key ingredient in our Solutions is technology, enabling not only our customers but also ourselves, to improve security and safety coverage as well as operational efficiency.

Solution definition

Security Solutions is the part of our business where we operate with one contract which includes several protective services including at least a technology component (including management & maintenance), priced as one service offering.

Reporting Guidelines:

  • The sales value to be reported in Security Solutions should be all sales relating to the site (or series of sites) covered by the contract where the solution is being deployed, so including all of the guarding, the mobile and the price for the installed technology, maintenance, monitoring etc.
  • The equipment cost (Capex part) shall be depreciated over the contract duration

Some extra clarifications in order to qualify as a solution:

  • There must always be a component of technology installed at the customer site or a link to technology with part of the solution provided remotely from off site.
  • The management and maintenance of the equipment should be under the control of Securitas.
  • The value of the technology part shall be of a reasonable minimum amount either by itself or in comparison to the total value of the contract - at least 5% of the annual sales value of the contract
  • Minimum contract period of 1 year.
  • Preferably one monthly invoice.

Solutions priorities

For 2021, our core priority is clear and it is to reach our 15% growth target. We are building a business and we are on an accelerated pathway to scale up significantly.

In addition to supporting countries in executing on their business plans, we are, from a divisional perspective, focusing on accelerating sales and driving initiatives for key segments.

Priority segments for 2021 include SME and the development of "Glocals" initatives in the Global and Cross-Border segment.


How do we sell Solutions?

Selling Solutions is simply about understanding your client, their business and their risks, both now and in the future.  A full understanding of the client lays the groundwork for client-focused Solutions proposals combining both guarding and technology services.

Here are some of the resources we have to help:

  • The Securitas Solutions Tool can be used to conduct risk based assessments and operational analysis. Find out more about how using the Securitas Solutions Tool can guide you in your conversations with customers around Solutions.

  • Experience Solutions in action virtually at one of our Virtual Experience Centers. Get in touch with our coordinator in Malmö.

  • See how colleagues in Sweden are approaching Solutions training as part of a previous Client Excellence initiative.

As we transform our business, training and upskilling colleagues in selling Solutions will be a key focus to deliver on our strategy and further help will be provided around training. We will also build our bank of client stories so that you have material to bring Solutions to life to support sales conversations - both internally and externally.

Need more help? Find your contact or email us.

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